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I got a new phone this weekend.  It can pretty much do anything and I’m in love with it.  I figured out how to navigate my way through everything I would need to conquer the world from the waiting room at the pharmacy or while I’m getting a haircut.  How cool can technology get?

I am very excited about a whole new aspect of my life with my 4G phone.  My other phone, although it was a Smart-Phone, was not user friendly.  Its tiny little keys annoyed me and the letters were too small for my forty-something-year-old eyes.  It made me look old because I had to hold it at arm’s length when I couldn’t find my reading glasses.  I did not cry when it mysteriously broke.

I happily sailed across the many functions of my new toy and began downloading aps like a madwoman.  However, I needed a Google id to download the Kindle feature.

Not a problem.  I had a very old, unused Google account somewhere.

A long time ago,  I opened a Yahoo account which became my primary email address.  Eventually, I completely forgot about that old gmail account.

So, I logged into this ancient account to see what was in there.  I happily looked through all the prehistoric previously read email from 2007.

I chuckled over some of the exchanges.  I received some funny email from people in the days before Facebook.  Because of social networking, I am in contact with these friends almost daily now.  I know about their highs and lows, their car accidents, their vacation destinations, even what color tuxedo their kid wore to prom.  But, when I read through the old email and enjoyed the back and forth banter, I felt like I’d lost a little something along the way—something a little more personal than a status update.  So, I took time to go down memory lane via old email.

Now my non-writing friends may not understand the enormity of the following exchange, but take my word for it…this is face-palm worthy.

I came across an email dated 09/07/07:


 Thank you for your partial submission.  I thought your idea had merit and potential.  I have passed the email and sample of your work on to my assistant, who will be in touch if PMA is interested in this.  It is not necessary to email me as my assistant can be reached at queries@XXX.com and this address handles all submissions at PMA and email correspondence at PMA.

Okay, that’s very exciting.  I’m sure way back in 2007 I did the happy-happy-joy-joy dance over that email.  Although, to be honest, I don’t remember.  I must’ve waited to hear from the assistant.  And waited.  And waited.  I must have obssessed about checking my email.  I’m sure I drove myself (and my family) crazy checking it.  Eventually, I must’ve given up.  BUT, here is what I found buried at the bottom of my old SPAM box.

Dear Kristine,

Thank you for your letter regarding “A Cry from Ordinary.”  Because of the high volume of submissions received, PMA is quite selective about which projects we decide to review. However, in this case, we would like to take a look a closer look at your work.  Please familiarize yourself with our submission guidelines for full manuscripts.  Contact me directly and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call me.  I believe your story premise is promising and I look forward to seeing more of your writing.

WHAT THE….???   This is craaaazy.  My writing friends out there know how insane this is.  A request for partial is rare, but a request for a full manuscript is EXTREMELY rare.  I cannot believe I never found this.  All these years there it was…unopened, surrounded by ads for male enhancements, Viagra script offers and Open House advertisements around Northern Virginia.

I’m contemplating replying to this email.  Ha!  Maybe I should say that I needed some time to think it over.  Think they’ll buy that?

Oh….the Universe has a sense of humor.  It’s a good thing I do, too.