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I thank you both.  For without you, I’d never know how much I love being a mom.  (Remember, I never claimed to be a poet.)

For My Stephen

by Kristine Goodfellow

As I looked into your cradle twenty years ago—

I wondered who you’d be when I finally let you go.

I knew someday you’d be a young man—

Away at college with a dream and a plan.

And as I looked down upon your slumbering form—

I found it hard to believe you’d ever live in a dorm.

A tiny baby so charming and resplendent—

I knew someday you would be independent.

“When will it be time for you to be on your own?

How can I ever live without you in my home?”

To keep my heart from breaking open wide—

I kept thoughts of your leaving tucked deep inside.

As I lifted you from the cradle, my firstborn son–

I thought, “He’s here right now–my mothering far from done.”

With a kiss I whispered, “Stephen, my sweet child of joy,

You are a precious gift from heaven, my most beloved boy.”

Upon your soft cheek the night did caress–

A valued Innocent of newborn tenderness.

I counted my blessings for my cherished little one.

As I looked upon you, I saw what God had done.

In your sigh I heard the soft sounds of spring.

In your eyes, I saw the delight your gaze would bring.

In your breaths, I heard the sound of wind in trees;

In my heart I heard our Maker’s decrees—

“Hear, oh parents–a child to ponder and gaze;

Watch him grow and guide his ways.

For this gift of life I bestow to you—

In him, you’ll find my love ever so true.

And when the time comes to let him go—

A small piece of heaven you will always know.”

Although I cherish the perfect gift that is you,

I had to let you go; it’s what mothers must do.

At college you waved goodbye to us, a child no more.

In that instant, I knew this is what we prepared you for.

I realized right then, it was what I wanted all along–

I gave a gift back to the world to which you belong.

When you were a baby in my arms, my wish for you–even then,

Was that someday you would find your place as a man among men.

I look with pride at the person you are–

So near to my heart—forever

Even when you are far.


 For My Greg

  by Kristine Goodfellow                                       

The sparkle in your eyes was there from your birth.

Twin dimples beside your smile confirmed your mirth–

And all the stars in the heaven could never equal your worth.

Your sweet baby giggle filled our house with your charm—

As I chased you around to keep you from harm.

Your weapon was a grin you could use to disarm.

A brave little daredevil we could not tame.

“Look at me, Mommy!” you’d proclaim–

As you jumped off the stairs, the counter, the rocking chair. 

You survived scraped knees, some stitches and gum in your hair.

There was nowhere you couldn’t climb, nothing we could hide.

If we could keep you safe, we knew you would be our pride.

A mischievous grin and a twinkle in your eye—

“Look at me, Mommy!  I can fly!”

My daring, adventurous, funny little guy.

–Now your shoulders are wide and you’ve grown so tall.

A gifted writer, a weightlifter, and obsessed with football—

When did you leave boyhood behind? For I do not recall.

One more year of school and then you’re out the door.

So, for right now, I’ll have to hug you a little more.

It’s not so long ago you sat upon my knee.

Now you’re a teenager longing to be free–

And in such a hurry to greet your destiny.

Soon you can go out and welcome your fate.

 A college education and adulthood await.

Your joy for life always adhere–

But, I know I cannot keep you here.

What to do with your life—there’s still time to decide.

Your talents you’ve honed; your skills you’ve applied.

But, remember…

You’ll always be in my heart if not at my side.